Positive Final Review of the WOSCAP project

The final results of the 2,5 year "Whole of Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding" (WOSCAP) project, led by GPPAC, were presented on 17 January 2018 to the European Commission's Research Executive Agency and external experts, at the Final Review meeting. The reviewers "positively assessed" the overall results and declared that this project has clearly had a significant impact on policy development and academic research, and will continue to contribute to this impact in the future. The project partners are satisfied with the initial outcome of the review and are eager to engage on the relevant results in current academic and policy debates.  

We will receive a final evaluation next month and expect a successful conclusion of the project. The project has been able to bridge policy, practice and research, bringing together peacebuilding practitioners with researchers and policymakers on to debate EU action in the areas of Security Sector Reform, multi-track diplomacy and governance reform. The policy meetings have also had a significant impact in Yemen, Mali, Georgia and Ukraine. It is clear that the institutions involved will build further on the positive feedback, overwhelming interest and follow up activities that have emerged. The project officially ended in December, and partners are currently wrapping up the reporting to the European Commission.


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