WOSCAP panel at the conference 'Ending Violence in Turbulent Times'

Annual Conference, 2017
Exploring the Conflict, Peace and Violence Nexus
Changing Character of War Programme
Pembroke College
University of Oxford
September 18-19, 2017
WOSCAP participates in the annual conference of the Conflict Research Society (CRS) that takes place at the University of Oxford on 18-19 September, 2017.

The conference theme is Ending Violence In Turbulent Times. Through a number of paper and panel presentations, the discussions will cover the mechanisms underlying the onset, continuation and resolution of all forms of violence, from interpersonal, to criminal, to large-scale organised war. The conference seeks to generate debate and relationships between scholars and practitioners interested in key issues surrounding the dynamics of violent political conflict, dialogue, diplomacy and peacebuilding.

The WOSCAP project organises the panel:
Assessing EU capacities for inclusive and coherent peacebuilding intervention: A Whole of Society perspective

The EU is notable as a global actor which aspires to deliver a full spectrum of reform and crisis management in response to crises, as part of a comprehensive approach, which emphasises human security rather than classic state-based sovereignty and which adopts a multilateral perspective, working with state and non-state actors to achieve peace. The papers in this panel use ‘Whole-of-Society' as a critical lens to assess EU peacebuilding capabilities across different dimensions of its external action: with regards to specific policy tools (multi-track diplomacy, decentralisation reform support, and security sector reform), concerning an emerging normative goal of external action (societal resilience), and through a qualitative analysis of an empirical case of EU deployment in the field (Kosovo).



Improving EU Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention

Why is Local Ownership to Peacebuilding Important?

Mary Martin on the Whole-of-Society Approach